About Us

Student Loan Toolbox is brought to you by the Cohen Bros. No, not those Cohen Bros. (they actually spell it Coen) but we do have a history of making people sing, dance and smile when they find out there is a way to help them with their student loans.

Since Josh, the younger of the two, started working with consumers to help them with their student loans in 2008, the Cohen Bros. have been building tools. Initially they were meant to help Josh with his own practice, but we found they were applicable to all who performed student loan work.

Josh, known as The Student Loan Lawyer, rolled out his workshop in 2011 and with help from Jeff, rolled out the first version of this software in 2014. Initially called the Student Loan Triage and Student Loan Self-help, we tried to bring the solution directly to borrowers but found that they were so confused and afraid to make decisions on their own that the best path was to empower legal and financial professionals. Now, with the workshop in its 12th year, over 500 professionals trained, and the third version of its software specifically developed for legal and financial professionals, Student Loan Toolbox has the most comprehensive set of tools, enabling you to focus on helping clients without the extreme chaos of performing student loan work on your own.

Combine these features with the Student Loan Law Workshop for Legal and Financial professionals and you can quickly become the student loan expert in your area. See www.studentloantoolbox.com to learn more about the Workshop.

If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact us by phone or via submission on our contact form.

The Cohen Bros.!