Student Loan Toolbox

Welcome to the Student Loan Toolbox application website. This site is where you can perform all the work you need for your student loan clients. All the features below are included, seamless and easy-to-use saving you time, money and aggravation!

Client Intakes – Acquire your client’s information faster and more conveniently!

The first step in assisting your clients is to gather critical information. Send a branded email to your client so they can immediately answer the questions necessary. The email and intake pages are branded as if it was your own website. This intake allows your clients to easily answer questions and upload their student loan data (NSLDS) used for the analysis, forms, and follow up tasks.

The Analysis – Understanding your client’s situation has never been easier!

Review your client’s information which is broken down into an easy-to-read presentation. Quickly understand their options identifying those they qualify for. Test various scenarios to see which work best for your client and decide upon the strategy to implement.

Prepare Documents – One-Click Document Preparation saves you time and money!

Once you complete the analysis and determine the strategy best suited for your client’ goals, have the system automatically populate the necessary forms. Whether you need a consolidation, Recertification, IDR, or other forms, just click and your forms are ready.

Secure Document Transfer – Keep client data secure!

Our Secure Document Transfer enables you and your clients to upload and download documents securely. Using both password and encryption level security, all documents are secure and a record of each upload and download are automatically recorded for your records. Automatic reminders tell you when your clients have uploaded documents, so you don’t need to waste time checking over and over.

Administration and Reporting – Never miss a step!

Each program you conduct for your client (Consolidation, Rehabilitation, IDR, etc.) has a step-by-step procedure built into the Student Loan Toolbox from the initial contract through tracking and confirming completion. As steps are performed, progress reports are updated in the Dashboard and Program Reporting module. The dashboard will tell you the status of each and every client, the step of their program and if they are on-time or falling behind! Never guess where your client is in the process and better manage and prioritize your workload.

Follow-Ups – You no longer have to chase your clients!

Student Loan Toolbox has automatic reminders at every step for both you, your staff, and your clients. No need to send emails chasing your clients for documents, signatures, or other items when Student Loan Toolbox does that for you. Automatically remind your clients when it’s time for renewal, recertification, or other tasks. Case Managers are notified when clients complete their tasks so they can keep everything moving. The reminders are automatically sent branded as your business.

Support – Get the help you need!

Student Loan Toolbox offers several types of support. Receive answers to your questions about the software, its use and how to maximize your efforts for the greatest return. Software support is provided free as part of your subscription via email, online and by phone.

Need training?

Learn about the Student Loan industry, including the various solutions, strategies, and options available to use when helping your clients. Our training is broken into two approaches; one for attorneys and one for members of the financial world. This training is conducted via the Student Loan Law Workshop which has been conducted since 2011 with more than 500 graduates. See Student Loan to learn more about the workshop with your focus. Attendance to a workshop is not required to use the Student Loan Toolbox software. Nor do you need to use the software to attend a workshop. Additional workshops may be offered in marketing and operations.